New Acquisitions of the Fisk Looms Preservation Collection


In accordance with the mission of the Elizabeth Fisk Looms project, the plan is to acquire weavings for preservation purposes as the opportunity presents itself, either through purchase or donation. New acquisitions will be announced here.

The Castles Collection

In the summer of 2012 word was received that an estate in Manchester, Vermont was selling a collection of Elizabeth Fisk Looms weavings. They belonged to the Castles family from St. Albans, Vermont, in particular a great grandson of Anna Bailey (James) Smith and her husband, Governor Edward Curtis Smith. Mrs. Smith, Elizabeth Fisk's business partner, and her husband had four children; three sons and a daughter, Dorothea. Dorothea married John Castles in 1920 as documented in the St. Albans Messenger from that time.

As you scroll through these lovely photos, notice the use of vibrant colors such as raspberry and teal. The runner has 6 solid raspberry place mats and the oblong table cloth with colorful spring flowers has 8 blue napkins. The large square teal piece was made in 4 sections then crocheted together to make a coverlet for a bed.